My English Work

    Writing in English was the logical choice as soon as my American grandchildren began to grow up and adopted English as their first language.
    However, four years ago, when I began taking creative writing courses at NCC, under the direction of patient and wonderful teachers, my universe expanded and I realized that my dreams, hopes and frustrations, were as valid as the ones of my American peers. Moreover, I understood that my condition as an immigrant woman was not a handicap, but an asset which gives depth and substance to my work. That's when I began writing in English about the world and my daily life, focusing more on the message than on the form.
    I know very well that my work in English is still a work in progress. I am also aware of the fact that writing in a foreign language takes away some of the beauty and spontaneity of my poetry. This is due not only to the linguistic differences between Spanish and English, but as a result of the themes I've chosen during this period of my life. After all, any artist is a product of his or her environment and the world in which I live today is a very complicated one, full of conflicts and contradictions.
    Finally, these last years have been also a time of personal loss and struggle. Thus, my poems in English inevitably reflect that. I'll keep learning. I look forward to the day when I can write my children's poems in English.
    Norwalk, November of the year 2002

  Final Note

    In reviewing my page, I realize that most of this material was written a few years ago under very different circumstances. The reason I want to leave it in the page, is to have it as a testimony of my life, my struggles, my dreams, and the fact that the world around us continue to have, if not more, the same problems and contradictions, I used to denounce before.

The author.